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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Bob Ramsay  Posted: 06\11\2001 17:09
Location: NY
Why mix the Rompun (Xylexene) with anything? The first time I darted an animal, my vet mixed the Rompun with Ketamine. No difference was noticed.

I just hit my bulls with 6cc of Rompun and they go down in 15 minutes, or usually less. Don't use less though or they simply won't go down and when you hit them again, they still won't go down. Hit them hard, the first time or you risk more problems.

Suggest you reverse with Tolazene (sp?). Much more up to date drug than the antiquated Yohimbine. Tolazene reversest the drug much better and an I.M. shot will do the trick. Far cheaper too.

And, in case you are considering not using a reversal agent, think again about the risk. A guy in Wisc. just lost his 30+ lb. herd sire by not using a reversal.

And, remember, there is a risk in doing this with or without a reversal. You could do 200 bulls and no problem. Then, the next one could die.

Never dart an animal when it is warm either.

Good luck !