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Message Title: Need help with Bottle Baby
Author: farmer from mn  Posted: 06\12\2001 06:18
Gail, giving it 5 oz. for the first feeding was good. I've found as I have bottle feed a few of them, is to wait alittle more between feedings.I mean, if you gave it the 5 oz. then three hours later is a little too soon I think to try to feed again. Remember, noone knows exactly what mom is feeding the baby. I've feed my bottle babies 6 oz. the first feeding and waited 6 hours before feeding again. I agree on keeping it warm. Are you tubing it or did it take a bottle? When I have bottle feed, I gave it colostrum for the first two days. Then went on a replacer. I have heard other farmers talk about all those ounces they give, but they also talk about their calves scouring. I didn't want that so I'm feeding fewer ounces and adding an extra feeding during the day. I also have found that I give a pea size amount of probiotic to the calf at each feeding. I place the toothpaste like stuff in it's mouth. Those little bugs sure have helped in keeping my little ones alive. Let us know how things are going with the little one.