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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: S Doshier  Posted: 06\12\2001 09:07
Location: OK
This drug combination is commonly refered to as a "cocktail" as is a pretty good way to sedate bulls under the right conditions.

The drugs are actually rompum (zylazine)and telazol (tiletamine/zolazepam). The telazol comes in powder form in a 5ml bottle, reconstitute with 5cc rompum instead of 5cc steril water. Use 2-3 cc to knock down a mature bull. Keep unused drug in refridgerator and once mixed it will only keep a week or so.

The most important thing to remember when using this combination is that YOU MUST WAIT ATLEAST 45 MINUTES TO REVERSE THE ANIMAL! There is no reveral for the telazol, it must metabalize and that takes about 45 minutes. Then you just reverse the rompum with tolaziline as usual. If you reverse before the telazol wears off the elk can go into convulsions.

Just as with any drugs, this combination can be used safely and effectively if you familiarize yourself with the drug, its effects, its dosages and how to administer it properly.

I prefer straight rompum myself for most situations but this combination will put them down a little quicker and stops the leg action so you don't get them staggering around and refusing to go down. If you have him in a small pen I would go straight rompum, if he is in a larger area and you need to get him down a little quicker and have the time to wait on reversing him use the cocktail.