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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Chip Killian  Posted: 06\12\2001 10:57
Location: Louisiana
Chip Killian in Louisiana.
When darting an animal they can't control their body temperature very well. I have found that it is better to dart very late in the evening or when dark. The darkness helps to keep the animals calmer and go down quicker. It is usually cooler at this time also. Also don't dart when cold due to same reason as above. As for as how warm is too warm. I have made it my general rule to TRY to not dart above 80-85 degrees F. In Louisiana during velveting time you usually have to wait til very late evening or dark for the temp to go down to this level. I have velveted 20-40 bulls using Rompum for the last several years with no problems yet. From time bull is shot with dart to time he is back up and walking around averages about 20-25 minutes. I highly recommend using Tolazine as the reversal. Have used this the last two years and bulls are up faster with less effect.( They do walk around drunk for awhile, but this doesn't last too long.)
I have always put the reversal under and into the tongue slowly. This method is just easier for me to do at night and gives me time to pull dart and any other thing I may have missed to do.
Hope this answers any questions you had. Just remember to keep accurate records on dosage for each animal you dart as this will save you time and be better for the animal.
Chip Killian
Killian elk and Deer