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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Karen  Posted: 06\12\2001 11:46
Location: WI
The sequence of events leading to the loss of our 30 lb 5 yr old is as follows:
This bull (EHA #107)was very calm, he came into the facil quietly. About 10:00 am he was given 1/3 bottle of telazol (reconstituted with 12 cc's rompun) and he went down with no trouble. At about 10:30, after cutting, he was given 12cc's of Tolazine. The reverser was given over 3-4 mins in the jugular and the the bull got up immed. All drugs were administered by our veterinarian. He was left in the small pen for approx 1 hour and then released into his regular pasture. Over the next several hours, he was observed lying quietly in two different locations. Around 3:00 pm, when approached, the bull got up and walked away normally. At 3:30 pm he was lying dead.

This was the second time we lost a superior animal in a similar fashion. Last year, we lost the 4th place (NC region) 2 yr old late in the afternoon of the day he was velveted. That time also, the anesthesia, cutting and reversal transpired without incident. The weather both days was low 70's.

After these two hard lessons, we decided to reevaluate our anesthesia procedures. Last week, we velveted our 5 yr old son of Geronimo, "Mendel". This time we used 5 cc's of straight Rompun and no reversal. He was anesthetized around 9:45 and died at noon. Mendel cut 31 lbs. Once again, we performed all procedures under veterinary supervision. Does anyone have any thoughts to share??