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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Bob Ramsay  Posted: 06\12\2001 14:29
Location: NY

I was just re-reading your story, as your loss has really bothered me.

In re-reading it, I noted something that I did not catch the first time through. Your bull was given 12cc's of Xylexene (Rompun)along with 1/3 bottle of Teluzol.

My first reaction is that you gave him twice the required dosage of Rompun, not to mention the Teluzol. Then, as I understand it, the reversal agent (Tolazine) should have been 20 cc's.

Possibly, you gave way to much knock-down drug, and not enough reversal.

I have never needed more than 6cc's to knock down an adult bull. And this is out in the pasture. Even less is required when a bull is confined in a barn and calm.

Then, there is the issue of waiting 45 minutes prior to using a reversal or there will be a huge problem with the Teluzol (see S. Dosiers comments).

Just my thoughts. I am sure others have suggestions and observations as well.

I hope this helps.