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Message Title: Purina lamb milk replacer
Author: Dave  Posted: 06\12\2001 21:53
Location: MN
Has anyone out there bottle fed their elk calves with Purina's lamb milk replacer? The bottle baby that I am feeding is doing fine. He is 10 days old and weights 50 lbs. He was born c-section so he was close to full term when born. At 7 days old he weighed 46 lbs. I have been feeding him lately this receipe: 2 cups of water to 1 cup of lamb replacer. I have no way of knowing how this mixture fairs to others out there. The crude protein is 23%.....the crude fat is 30%.....crude fiber is .15% .....calcium is not less than .60% and not more than 1.25%.....Phosphorus not less than .70%...sodium not less than .60% and not more than 1.10%.....selenium not less than .3ppm..... vitiman A not less than 20,000 IU/lb.....Vitiman D not less than 5,000IU/lb....vitiman e not less than 50 IU/lb. I have been giving him 14 oz. every 4 hours and when I increased his food to 18 oz. he refuses to eat at four hours and now eats every 5 hours. I need to know what would happen if I make the formula a little richer, say 2 cups of water to 1 and a 1/4 cup of formula, or should I make a bigger batch and refridgerate the leftover formula for the next feeding. I think he would take maybe 20 ozs. but I don't want scours either. Any information you can give me will be so greatly appreciated! Please respond with your advise...............