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Message Title: grain for the bottlebaby
Author: J. Harrington  Posted: 06\13\2001 15:31
Location: CO
Sue, I will give you my blessing any day!!! I raised 4 bottle feds last year. When I first brought them in it was a struggle to get them to suckle and stay alive. After several weeks of having them in my facility, I opened it up for them to graze a little grass in the corral. By this time they were running around to chase me for the bottle. After the first month I put water out, but I waited 2 months to put a container of pellets out. Once they ate all pellets that I put out for them daily, I slowly introduced them to cracked corn and oats. The corn will add weight and they love it! My bottlefeds are not any smaller then the rest of my animals.
When I weaned the other calves, I waited one week to put the bottlefeds with them. I let the calves settle before introducing them to critters that smelled like me. I also wanted the bottlefeds to be very strong just in case they had to defend themselves.