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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: s doshier  Posted: 06\13\2001 15:51
Location: OK

Still thinking about this one. All I know is I did 2 bulls this morning and was really nervous for the first time. So far they are up and doing fine but you have given me pause (a lot).

Were these bulls closely related? I have run into some bloodlines that are very intolerant to rompum and some that will fall over if you just wave the bottle under their nose (well....almost anyway). I have one bloodline that I can knock out with 2cc straight rompum - outside in the pasture - and it seems to run in that bloodline. Normal dosages outside might kill that bull. Just something else to explore.

By any chance did the vet do a post on any of the animals? Find anything significant?

I agree with Bob, the best way to velvet a large number of bulls is in the squeeze. However, if you have 100 bulls in the field and you only want to velvet 4 it is much easier to knock them down than bring everyone up to seperate 4.