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Message Title: velvet prices
Author: Elkman  Posted: 06\13\2001 16:04
Location: USA
If all the US processors know the Koreans aren't going to offer more than $20 USD per pound, why would they want to offer to purchase U.S. Velvet for more that $21. Not much incentive to stay in business. We need each other.

We need to make it affordable for the end user and make it worth the producer's hard work and effort. The processors are in the middle. They are faced with marketing, processing, packaging, labeling, liability, and delivery.

In retrospect, corn is $1.90 a bushel, but cereal is $4.00 per box. Who's really making money?

In my opinion, there is enough margin in this business to pay producers $50-55 per pound. Decrease product pricing, increase sales volume, increase demand, and share the wealth.

Let's all grow together.