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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Bull Run   Posted: 06\13\2001 21:25
Location: Mn
We have velveted hundreds of bulls over the years and have never put one down to velvet him. A few times we have given them 1/2 cc to settle them down but mostly they are done in the squeeze with no problems. We have 24 three year olds in one group and they will be brought in at least five times before they are all velveted. we have very rarely had a problem. they get used to the facility and are very careful. We will velvet 85 bulls this year and grow out about 35. We do not use any drugs unless it is an emergency. Get a squeeze or if you have one use it. It is the best way to velvet. We have never killed a bull in the squeeze. Remember a lot of great bulls have died from drugs. Most important if you lose one do a post so you know why.