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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Karen  Posted: 06\14\2001 07:30
Location: WI
Thanks for your input.

These bulls were put down in a facility. They were quiet enough that a hand syringe (as opposed to a pole syringe) was used. My biggest question is- (in 2 of the cases) why the big time delay? If the deaths had occurred shortly after, I would not be so puzzled and the correlation with the velveting procedure would be clearer. What is the metabolic condition of an animal that long after anesthesia reversal?

All of the discussion RE Rompun vs. Chute velvetting are points well-taken and of course, the chute method does indeed look much better to us today. However, if it is possible for us to learn anything from these events, then in those cases where administering general anesthesia is absolutely necessary, we can use what these misfortunes have taught us to improve our successes in other situations.