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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: garyq  Posted: 06\14\2001 09:07
Location: ID
Well, here are a few thoughts on this subject, for what they are worth. Xylzine (rompum) is a very unstable drug that concentrated with age, your vet may have had this drug for some time and it has concentrated in the bottle. (you can concentrate it by evaporation) It also slows the heart rate and respiration is near non existant during sedation. Elk cool their body temp by respiration similar to canines and when we have HAD to sedate in the morning hours it makes it very chancy as you are going into teh heat of the day. We NEVER sedate an animal until late evening unless it is absolutely neccesary. Also, as has been stated, the fewer people around the better ANYTIME the elk are being worked, only the people that the animals are used to should be there, it seems so many people turn it into a "show"!
My greater concern though, is that Xylazine should NOT be used on any animal intended for food! Good grief!!! it clearly states right on the bottle "Do not administer to animals inteneded for food"!!! and velvet antler is used as such!! Tolazine is the best reversal agent for xylazine, but it also has never been released to be used on animals intended for food and states clearly on the bottle "not for use in food-producing animals"!!
If it is necessary to calm your animals down before entering the squeeze, use 2-3cc of Acepromazine just so they won't hurt themselves or someone else. Again, the best way to handle elk is in the quiet, dark areas of your handeling system with no one talking and as few people as possible. I personally prefer working them with only one helper and that only for safety.