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Message Title: Purina lamb milk replacer
Author: Alan  Posted: 06\14\2001 09:33
Location: SD
I pretty much followed the directions on the label.I never did get up to feed him at night either. I know that this goes against everyone's advice, but I fed him at about midnight, then again early in the morning. I put water and grain in with him from the beginning, but he didn't touch either for several weeks.I did dip his wet nipple into the grain once in a while, then let him suck it in order to get him to taste the grain. when I put him in with the other weaned calves, it took months before he became a "real" elk. He would have been accepted by the others, but he wanted to be with humans, not with elk. He is now in with all the other bulls, and fits in just fine. He does however still come running when he sees me, and will more than likely be a problem during the rut.