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Message Title: velveting in the squeeze
Author: gary  Posted: 06\14\2001 10:09
Location: mn
I have been reading the recent talk about using rompum on the bulls for velveting. Can anyone out there give more advise on what they do when velveting in the squeeze using no drugs. If I give them a local to numb? the base of the antler, isn't that a drug also? This will be my first time to velvet and I am so scared. I would like to do this myself. I bought a horse halter made out of nylon strap, and will revamp the sides to tie the halter down in the squeeze, or does anyone know if that WON'T work. What else can I do? What happens if I don't give him a local? Do I have to cover his eyes? Has anyone ever busted antler when the bulls do the peek-a-boo effect (up and down in the squeeze). When the bull walks into the squeeze, do I tighten him up fast and hard so he can't get his antlers down or am I asking for them to break? Please, give me some help!