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Message Title: One Calf Two Moms
Author: Gotta Raise ELk   Posted: 06\14\2001 19:24
Location: MN
I hope someone can give some ideas on this problem? I had a baby calf on Sunday it's Mom is a Heifer I watched her deliver,lick,and nurse all with no problems on Monday a Heifer had her calf watched her deliver,Lick and nurse her calf, all seems to be fine I watch both Moms feed thier babies or so I think they are feeding them enough milk ( I watch and check cows and calves about every 3 hours so I don't miss much.) Will I missed this on Wed. Morning I found The calf born on Sunday was died We posted her she had some milk and a hair ball in her belly the Vet thinks that Mom was giving her Milk but not enough. So know I have the mom to the calf that died and the real Mom are both licking her and letting her suck is this going to be a problem?