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Message Title: One Calf Two Moms
Author: nancy  Posted: 06\14\2001 20:58
Location: mn
I don't exactly have the correct answer, but I had two heifers deliver their calves 6 ft from each other. Both mothers licked and nursed each others baby and their own. Today the little ones go to either mother or both and the mothers care for both also. I know it's not uncommon for calves to rob milk from other mothers so I really don't think there is a real problem. Some may say to seperate the mother and baby but that could also put stress on the situation. If it were me I would watch to make sure the little one does nurse from his/her real mother. Some heifers and cows are such good mothers. I have a cow last year that let three little ones suck on her at one time. All calves turned out big and healthy. Hopefully someone else will answer your question better. Good luck!