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Message Title: Calf with Broken Hip
Author: Odessa  Posted: 06\15\2001 00:26
Location: Alberta
We have a two week old heifer calf with what we think is a broken hip. She was born normally, but shortly thereafter we believe her mother stepped on her when spooked by a couple of kids roaring past on ATVs. We left her because we hoped it was temporary nerve damage, but it appears to be permanent. This calf's left hindleg simply dangles uselessly; she balances on her front legs and kind of hops along. Any ideas what we might do for her to correct this situation if possible? We suspect casting is out of the picture given the nature of the injury and elapsed time since the injury occurred. Her mother is excellent and waits very patiently for her daughter to catch up all the time. I've even seen this little critter trying to play with her herdmates, but she overbalances very easily.