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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Tom May  Posted: 06\15\2001 00:54
Location: New Zealand
Hi Karen,You will be really brassed of, And you had a vet there as well!!. In NZ there has been similar deaths, As I understand Rompun, and Xylazine are a similar product, You have 2% 5% 10%
and 15%, the one in NZ that is more commonly used is 5%, and using the reversal which is based on 5%,Now this is where the problems starts. NZ elk farmers use 10%Xylazine or Rompun, say the bull is 400kg, give him est 4.5mls, A lot of farmers forget that you will have to give the bull 9mls of reversal,not 4.5mls,as remember that it is based on a 5% solution, this is why the bull comes out of it ok,
BUT he doses of into fairy land when there is no one to keep him on his feet. Also it doesn't do any harm to give your animals a shot of 5in1, stops any chance of bloodpoison. [Reversal] hell!! I don't like the thought of a needle going into my tongue, you won't get a better place than the ear, I prefer the veins on the outside of the ear, I keep away from the big one in the middle, Apparently it is not as safe as the others, A Vet would let you know. As you can see by the replys, nobody likes to hear of any misfortune with the big Boys. Cheers, Tom, May.