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Message Title: tourniquet on velveting bulls
Author: Don  Posted: 06\15\2001 12:25
Location: IL
Gary...What I did when I used to velvet bulls, I tranqulized them put a tourniquet around his bases using a figure eight. (very tight) Bicycle tube works great cut & split leaving 2 long pieces. I cut around the velvet using a sharp knife where I will saw the velvet about 2 inches from base, remove the velvet,using the saw (I used a stainless pull saw)be very carefull to follow the cut. For blood I uses blood stopper same as for dehorning, make a past pressing on the cut or just dust on. I wormed & give any other shots, trim hooves ect remove tournique.(most times there still will be blood, but will stop soon) After all is done give him a reversal(I use 2 cc Tolazine per 1 cc rumpon in the juggler vain very very slow) You have plenty of time, so do not get in a hurry. I would only remove the velvet early in day, like just breaking day, the bulls are easer to work in dime light, The most important thing to do is do not get the bulls wound up, I tranqulized using 2 cc of rompun with a dart gun,sticking the dart gun threw a small hole.(most times they don't even know I'am aroucd) I think this is the best way, no stress on the animal, no stress on me & 1 man can remove the velvet. I just heard of a bull that broke his neck in squeez chute while removing velvet. Keeping stress down is most important any way you do it...My opinion[:>Don