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Message Title: velvet deal/price
Author: Blaine Weber  Posted: 09\24\2014 22:47
Location: Sask.
Norelkco has completed and paid out for all the 2014 velvet that was collected. There was far less velvet harvested in north america this year. There was approx 80,000 lbs. in Canada and by all accounts 30,000 give or take in the USA. The velvet that was collected by Norelkco was sold to two seperate buyers in two different shipments. We would like to thank all the producers that made the effort to cut earlier and followed the guide lines we laid out. Because the quality was much better this year, We were able to sell the last shipment, about 40% of what we collected, for 20% more than the early shipment.

This allowed us to pay out 40.00/45.00/50.00/lb/cdn for the three different grades. WAY up from the 27.00/lb paid out last year.

From all indications, from NZ's early reports the price should remain stable for the next season as well. Thanks again for your support!!