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Message Title: velvet deal/price
Author: B. Weber  Posted: 09\29\2014 01:17
Location: SK.
Norelkco is a new Generation co-op started 6-7 years ago by 50 some elk producers in Alberta and Sask. The main Goal was to provide value added services to the industry. Currentley we supply our members with antler capsules as well as some private companies that market to the pet and human market. In an effort to try and stabilize and raise the price of velvet we started buying antler 5 years ago and shipping it to buyers in Hong Kong. Nothing new about this , private individuals have been doing this for years. The difference, other than covering expenses,compensating the board members that are involved in the operation for their time and expense and keeping an operating cushion all monies are returned to the producers. After some trial and error in the first years we have been able to succesfully bring competition to the market place.

Anyone that owns and activly raises elk can be a member. However the board has the right to approve or reject any one that wants to become one, this is part of the co-op structure in order keep special interests from hijacking the board. On this same line there are two different shares the first is a membership share that allows you voting privileges. The second is delivery shares of which u can buy as many as u like, however no matter how much of the "b" shares u buy u only get 1 vote per member. Again to keep large producers from controlling the direction and giving them more control than a small producer however all dividends etc are paid on the b shares u hold giving fair compensation to those selling the most. Now since the supply of velvet has shrunk we have bought from members and non members alike as there has not been a glut of velvet since our inception to have to limited delivery according to the B shares u hold.

Clear as mud?? :) if u have questions please email me. There are shares availble from members that have left the industry if u are interested in purchasing shares email and we can put the two of u together. Minimum investment was 5,000.00 cdn I belive, 1 membership share and min delivery shares. Now as I stated we having been buying from everyone, however only members will recieve any dividends if/when we pay out.

Because there is far less velvet in the USA and the logistics are challenging we have not bought any antler in the USA. IF there was an intereted party in the US looking at buying shares we would do the research and let u know if it was possible etc. buying your velvet would not be a problem we would just have to look at the best way to do it.

The three grades were standard(Long Top) well cut antler@40.00/lb. priemium well cut short velvet@45.00/lb, well cut spiker and regrowth @50.00/lb. There was very little OG or damaged and every case was handled individually. Hope this answers your questions.