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Message Title: tourniquet on velveting bulls
Author: Bob A.  Posted: 06\15\2001 19:44
Location: AB
A touriquet should always be used regardless of the technique used for antler removal. Some cut with a knife around the antler at the point of removal to prevent banana peeling of the velvet skin if the bull jumps or the antler falls to the side as the last cutting occurs. I have used a cross-cut and back saw or good quality pruning saw. The pruning saw cuts on the back stroke while the other saws cut on the fore stroke. All work fine and cut quickly. Replace each season or if your saw is becoming dull (usually only if you have cut quite a few bulls). I like to use Boroform to control hemorrhage. It is a dry spray powder that is effective and easy to apply. It is both a topical anteseptic and a astringent(constricts blood flow).