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Message Title: roupan/teluzol
Author: Steve  Posted: 06\16\2001 08:58
Location: Mich
Bob I've listened to alot of people talk about the amount of Rumpom they use on there bulls. Be very careful because they are very defferent in the amount it takes to put them down. I had to use Rumpom on my main herd sire one time and we just about lost him and that was with only THREE CCs and nothing added to the rompum. We didn't hardly have time to get him reversed, we did a lot of face slapping to keep him mad and that helped get him mad enough to stay alive until the tozaline started to work. We had a vet standing right there to, and she could not believe that he went down like that. But we saved him,I really think we had some very speical help with him , I know I asked. I have another bull that is very mean in the shoot so I gave him 1/2 cc rumpon and he laided right down in the shoot and went to sleep. We even had a little touble waking him up to get him out. I use to have whitetail deer and I've seen the same thing happen, one looks at the bottle and goes to sleep, the next one you have to give him the hole bottle and still will not go down right. One thing to watch for is that the tolazine wares off before the rumpom and they might go down again in 4 or 5 hrs when nobody is around to give them reversal again or to get them up and keep them moving. I'm no expert but I have darted and helped dart to move around three hundred deer and about fifty elk in the past. I don't like Rumpom, but sometimes we have to use it. Well I have rattle enough. Steve