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Message Title: is anyone else wet?
Author: J. Harrington  Posted: 06\18\2001 12:14
Location: CO
I would be glad to get some of your moisture that is preventing you from putting up your alfalfa. NW Colorado is approaching another year of drought and all the ranchers around here are worried that we will not have any dryland hay to cut again this year. Our county was declared a crop disaster area in 2000, and this year's weather pattern looks very similar to last year.
I am trying to rotate my pastures for my 200+ elk, but the grass has not grown on the pastures that have been vacant for 2-3 weeks. To think that I may have to feed my elk in July sends chills up my spine!!!! The weather forecasters still claim that we won't have another drought. Ha!Ha! My dryland field is showing signs of browning already.
I will send you some dry weather, if you send me some rain!!! Good luck!!
The increased ozone layer is being blamed for the changes in weather patterns lately. Whatever it is, agriculture is not getting any easier!!