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Message Title: Very Active Calf
Author: Frank Nuckle  Posted: 06\18\2001 23:01
Location: Que.
Hi Bob! I've got my thirhteen calves, yesterday, and the last two one before that one,was a pair of twin(two male) a week before.My last calf is a female. I tag her couple hour after she born. Today i was looking at my calf and did not find her but the twin's was running with their mom, when i thought had find my female, i saw one of my twin slept beside the fence. the one who was running with the other twin and is mother was my new born, whit something ±30 hour of life.
I dont know what to say about this, but one thing is it for sure, we probably doing a good job with our elk,to get a new born in a shape like that. The time will confirm us.
Whish the best to all of you.