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Message Title: Very Active Calf
Author: D. Watson  Posted: 06\18\2001 23:19
Location: OK
About three weeks ago,one of our heifers gave birth sometime after dark. At first light the next morning, I could see her nursing her calf and the calf was quite active - following mom around and really exploring her new world. As it turned out, that calf did that all day long - not just the first day, but most of the second day also. Every time the cow moved, the calf went with her.
On the third morning, mom was up in the trees with the other mommas, and the baby was hidden out in the grass (where it should have been). Certainly the golden opportunity to tag the calf. As I approached the calf, here came mamma-rather leisurly-and the calf just stood up and they both walked away. I have never seen a calf that active at such a young age. We've named her Figit.