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Message Title: Very Active Calf
Author: Bob A.  Posted: 06\19\2001 00:45
Location: AB
Hi Bob. The overdue calves seem to be a lot more like you describe. Our last A.I. calf (which was confirmed by ultrasound in November) was born this year at 262 days. The calf caused a pinched nerve in the cow and she postponed calving, even though she had paced off and on days prior. When we first saw legs presenting we assumed the calf was dead. We brought her in and pulled the large Smokin Ash bull. Since she was a pro at previous assisted births, she immediately took her calf and kept in the handling area for the first 2 or 3 days. The calf was much bigger and acted far more mature than a normal term calf. We noticed this another year when a A.I. cow, that also exhibited strange behavior, delivered a Korean Gold heifer calf at 267 days. These late births support testing of all calves born close to back up births or those that seem very large and mature at birth.