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Message Title: Can Bottle baby skip night feedings?
Author: Dave  Posted: 06\19\2001 07:40
Location: MN
Hi everyone! My bottle fed is doing just fine.
He weighs 60 lbs at 16 days old. I think thats good. He looks in good shape. He is starting to eat more grasses and drinking fresh water I put out for him. One question though - how old can he be before I quit doing the 2 am to 4 am feedings. I usually set my clock somewhere in the middle of the night. He wants to eat every 5 hours. I don't know why five but I know he won't eat at 4 and a half or 4:45. He won't drink anymore than 30 oz. either. But he's perky, active, looks great. I was just wondering that if I feed him between 11 to midnight can I feed him at 6 am or am I asking for trouble. I don't want him to go backwards either. You guys have been great in helping me with this little guy and I want to say THANKS!