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Author: steve  Posted: 06\19\2001 10:15
Location: NY
THIS note is a reminder to people that are new to the elk business, and think it really might not happen. I made my first sale 2 years ago to a guy that lives close by, since then we have became quite good friends. I stopped there the other day to see how he was making out with calves this year. his first year with calves.

Well, i think he heard the warnings i told him about these animals but he couldn't resist walking up to his first calf to sex it.

A BULL.... that was all he had time to think and heard the cow behind him. she was up on hind leggs swatting him, knocked him down and stomped on him. all he could do was cover his head. i guess she flew him like 20 feet, he showed me where he landed. as soon as he moved again she came back and started stomping again, when he quit moving she stopped and went back to the calf.

he got up an ran for the fence and made it over but not before she gave him one more kick.

he ended up with stiches in his back side, and bruised from his shoulders to his feet. I told him he was lucky he wasn't dead.

SO DO NOT IGNORE THE WARNINGS, that you hear from other people if you do, it could cost you your life. Everybody be carefull out there. cause i hate sending flowers, just ask my wife. i dont want to send them to a funeral...