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Message Title: Can Bottle baby skip night feedings?
Author: J. Harrington  Posted: 06\19\2001 12:21
Location: CO
Yeah, those middle of the nite feedings are murder!!!! Try this. Feed the calf before you go to bed - my bedtime was 10:30PM and the first thing in the morning around 6AM. He should be real hungry!! Then adjust the other feedings to how hungry he is, 4 - 5 hours. He should do fine, but go back to regular schedule if you see him slipping. He might be too young to handle 6 1/2 hours between feedings, but don't be afraid to try it when he is a little older.
When he gets older he will be chugging the milk down and be able to handle larger quantities. Be patient!! Too bad he is a bull!!
I have two bottlefed bulls that are now yearlings. They are still very affectionate and want me to pet them. I have been warned by several breeders to be very careful of them when they go into rut. They will have no fear of me, and we all know how brain dead the bulls are during the rut. Not a pleasant idea to think about, is it!!