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Message Title: ? on letting bull go hard horn
Author: J. Harrington  Posted: 06\19\2001 12:35
Location: CO
It would not be a bad idea to let some of your bulls go hard, since velvet prices are questionable at this point.
DO NOT keep your cut bulls in with the hard antler bulls. Hard antler bulls will not do any harm to cows during the rut, but they will fight across fences very fiercely. If you want your fence to remain intact, DO NOT put hard antler bulls in a pen next to your cut bulls. I found out the hard way!! I have to replace a whole line of fence because I had two hard antler bulls in a pen next to some cut bulls that were being held for shipment. The fenceline looks like mincemeat!!!
In addition, you be very careful!! Bulls that have hard antler are more aggressive during the rut than cut bulls.