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Message Title: ? on letting bull go hard horn
Author: Jack  Posted: 06\19\2001 18:21
Location: Colo
Keep in mind that you can get a bull killed our hurt if you let them stay hard till the drop next spring. We have 25 hard horn bulls we cut them befor rut and only bring in one or two at a time, I have seen two 6 year old bulls fight in a inclosure put holes in 7/8 plywood and kill each other because they were cutting them in the fall, cut as soon as the velvet falls off or before. and never let two stand alone in a inclosers with out moving them and get them seperated ASAP and cut. We put them right back in with the rest and they get a long fine, we have even let at least one stay hard because he was always picked on throught the summer they still did pick on him did no good. Also you be carefull because they are armed now good luck.