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Message Title: Oxytocin for Momma
Author: Gary  Posted: 06\20\2001 08:30
Location: MN
Gail, Giving oxytocin is a 50/50 call. Whenever
we have to help pull a calf, we first look at the history of the mother as far as if she is a good mother or not. If in question, then we give 5 cc
of oxytocin in the muscle. Sometimes you have to leave the mother and calf in a small confined area. I have heard where some farmers give 1/2 cc of rompum to the mother - wait 6 to 8 minutes, then put them into a smaller confined area like a box portion, and just stand still and watch. They say it takes the edge off the mother. If the cows hasn't let the calf nurse then I'm sure she has a sore utter. It's really hard to intervene with the bonding process but some effort sometimes has to take place. I understand that the rompum could get into the milk but you should consult your vet on that one. Good luck!