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Message Title: hip trouble
Author: Perry  Posted: 06\21\2001 09:13
Location: MN
Several years ago we had a calf with a hip that wouldn't stay in place. We fed him for quite a while and he was doing well, but couldn't walk. We took him to the University of MN Animal Hospital and they decided to try an experimental surgery, at almost no cost to us, and put a steel pin in his hip to hold the ball in the socket. It seemed to work great as he was walking and eating and growing fine. By now he is 3-4 weeks old. The steel pin is such that it is sticking out of his hip and we had it wrapped up good. He ended up getting the pin caught under a swing gate, as we had him in our facility, and the pin cut an artery in his hip and he bled out over night one night. A necropsy showed that elk have a supply artery in their hip that is different from other species and the surgeons did not know this. They claim they learned something and could improve and, hopefully, be successful next time. The calf was a backup bull calf, so we were also interested in the education and agreed to the experiment. It was worth the experience and I think it is something that will work for elk as successfully as it does for people, when the process is more developed. See what your local University Teaching Animal Hospital can do for you. Good Luck!