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Message Title: Velvet GNC
Author: Lloyd Riddle  Posted: 06\21\2001 17:06
Location: Colorado
Hi Ron - I am not able to discuss specific sales numbers as that is really a GNC internal matter that they would object to me discussing.

It suffices to say that sales are OK, but have a long way to grow, and the thing that will make it grow is advertising, and more importantly, word of mouth. We will never be able to afford to advertise enough to make it a top seller, although we do try. What will make it go much faster is 2,500 elk ranchers consuming the product and getting a dozen of thier friends and family to use the product. That will always do more than all the advertising money can buy. I am always amazed at how few elk ranchers have tried and use velvet antler, much less reccomend it to a friend. I suppose there are some vegetarian cattle ranchers too, but they dont do much for thier industry.

We have a couple dozen fantastic elk rancher families who make a fair amount of money retailing our velvet antler to freinds and family. Month in and Month out they make a steady income from it. These areas tend to have the highest GNC sales as well. That is because people know someone who uses the product and said it was great. That is where the rubber really meets the road. Those people tell more people and so on and on it goes. That is really how the pull through with GNC needs to happen.

We sell at competitive wholesale rates to any rancher who is interested.

Sorry for the rambling and non specific answer, but I hope it is useful anyway.

Best Regards,

Lloyd Riddle
Natraflex Brands