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Message Title: bottle baby has cough
Author: Dave  Posted: 06\24\2001 22:49
Location: MN
Thank you once again for heeding my pleas. My bottle baby is 21 days old today and I'm a little concerned. I talked to the Purina company on what I was feeding him and they suggested that I switch from a lamb replacer to the Kid goat replacer because it had copper in it - a mineral that elk need. Anyway, I made the switch a couple of days ago and have noticed a change in his eating pattern. I have him up to 36 oz. but he won't eat until every 6 hours. I also noticed that he would put his head down and cough once in a while. Last night he ate a bunch of clover and chewed on some fresh alfalfa grass mix. I caught him eating alot of dirt today like he couldn't get enough. I left a little dish of oats and he nibbled on that. He will sip a little water from a pail. I'm worried though that he isn't eating enough replacer. His weight is 64 lbs. I've come too far to have anything happen. Please give me some advise?