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Message Title: Please give me some help!
Author: Dave  Posted: 06\25\2001 19:00
Location: MN
I have had several posts on this discussion in regards to my bottle calf. Now I have what I think could be a very scary thought. Last night he only would eat about 20-24 oz. of replacer. I tried to feed him at one, two, three, four and five thirty in the morning and he wouldn't eat. I had just bought a new container of Purina Kid Goat replacer because that's what one of the special nutritionists from Purina suggested,anyway I had tried for a couple of days to get him to drink and he refuses. Well last night was the eight o'clock feeding and thereafter. This morning I went to the Purina dealer and purchased a different pail. He drank 24 oz. but not willingly, at 8:30 this morning. That was a 12 hour span and 24 oz. just doesn't seem like enough to me. He did nibble on some white clover tops and nibble on a little dirt. He drank some cold water for me but that was it for the whole day. I tried at 6:30 tonight to feed him and he just won't take it. I also had to get him up where normally he would get up and run to me. I don't know what happened. The only thing I changed was purchasing a new pail of replacer. Could something in there have gotten him sick? He's 22 days old and weighs 66 lbs. He is starting to seem so shaky and weak, his eyes aren't that bright perky glad to see ya look. I checked his temp and it is 102.5 - I think that's normal. I really need to have some help. Should I give him a shot of minerals? If so what kind? Oh yeah, I did notice yesterday that he would cough just a little when his head was down and this morning there was some all white mucus from his nose. By noon he looked okay but tonight he seems to be going downhill. What could be going on. His stools are normal, green and kind of marbley sortof. Should I give him some sugar water for energy? I need help! Please, Please help.