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Message Title: Heres something different
Author: Ron Murphy  Posted: 06\25\2001 19:18
Location: Penna
This morning at 5:30 AM, the doorbell rang and a very excited gentlemen told me that I had a smaller elk caught upside down in the fence paralleling the road.It was hung by one leg way up the side of the fence. He then told me he had got it loose and I would have no trouble seeing which one it was because all the other elk were pointing at it!!
After thanking him repeatedly for getting involved I went down to calving paddocks 3&4 to try to see which baby had gotten itself in trouble overnight.All the elk were ripping around like crazy, a few even banged the fences and there were several cows bugling.I accounted for all the cows and all the calves that were big enough to get into that kind of trouble. Everybody seemed OK and they were starting to settle down, so I figured a baby probably got tangled somehow but nothing serious.
This afternoon, I decided to mow the bottom parts of
those 2 paddocks because the thistle was getting ready to bloom. I had my helper Ken mow with the tractor while I walked in front to make sure there were no babys hiding in the tall grass.I was very surprised to see an adult whitetail doe jump up ahead of me and favor her right rear leg.After a call to the PA Game Commision, 2 deputies showed up and we decided to shoot the doe as that would cause the least amount of tension to the Elk and she didnt look that good anyway. Upon examination we could see where she was hung up by her rear leg.
Not only did that gentleman not know the difference between an elk and a deer, he went up to an dult deer hanging upside down and somehow released it without getting hurt. Dont that beat all.