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Message Title: how early can you wean a calf
Author: Kristan  Posted: 06\26\2001 07:37
Location: CO
I don't think you can wean a calf that early. We had 2 bottle calves last year. The one we fed for 3 months is nice and big, but the one we only fed for 2 months is a runt. This year we have one bottle calf who is now over 3 weeks old. She is very stubborn and has always refused to eat, has switched from a bottle, to a pail and now back to a bottle - but the milk must be cold. Plus she NEVER has eaten what she should. She still only eats 30-40 ounces/day. But I can't change that so we just continue to feed her and hope whe does ok. (She seems very active and growing and eats more hay and dirt than I thought was normal.)