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Message Title: how early can you wean a calf
Author: Gary  Posted: 06\26\2001 12:17
Location: SD
You did not indicate why you took the water away!
The calf may have an irritated stomach and go off of his feed. We have had this problem in bottle feeding in the past! If you suspect an upset stomach, you can take a Zantac 75, grind it into a powder, dissolve it in water and feed it to him with a small syringe. We got this remedie from our Vet and it works. If this is the problem, the calf will regain his appetite.
Another question, did you change to a different type of bottle or nipple? We have found that sometimes when you have to make a change for one reason or another, the calf will reject the new feeding device. We had a heifer that would only take one particular nipple and would totally refuse to accept anything else. My wife had to superglue this nipple back together so many times that all that was left by weaning time was superglue with a few nipple fragments. There are a lot of other reasons why calves will go off of their feed but hopefully yours just has an upset stomach or is just being stubborn! If you would like to talk more on raising bottle calves, you can call me at home in the evenings at 605-693-6735. Good Luck!