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Message Title: how early can you wean a calf
Author: Dave  Posted: 06\26\2001 14:36
Location: MN
Gary, I took the water away hoping to make the little guy hungry enough to eat something that had some nutrients in it. Anyway, This morning I went out with 28 oz. of lamb replacer instead of a Kidd Goat replacer. He drank all of the 28 oz. and I swear if I had 100 ounces in the bottle he would of drank that also. I checked his temp and it is 101.3. I had a thought on yesterdays lack of feeding. How would I know if he sucked so hard that he somehow got milk down the wrong pipe? Would that account for him being slow and not wanting to move? I just came in from feeding him at 1:00 and he would only eat 14 oz. I did a mixture of 1/2 lamb replacer with 1/2 Kidd Replacer that came from a new pail. Even though he only took 14 oz. it's still 14 ounces. I offered him some water and he refused. I gave him about a pea size amount of probiotic and then offered him some dirt. He sure does like the dirt. When he sat down I placed in front of him some leaf clover and he really likes the white tops off white clover. Could the clover tops be giving him a stomach ache? I'm going to place an order for some lamb replacer today and forget the kidd goat replacer. The company of Purina told me that the lamb replacer is the same as the kidd replacer only the kidd goat replacer has copper sulfate. They told me that I could do that myself by putting a pinch of sulfate in the feeding. I don't know sometimes what to do. I know the lamb replacer sure does taste a little better. What do you think I should do?