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Message Title: Elk Scours
Author: Bob A.  Posted: 06\26\2001 21:19
Location: AB
What are your experiences with scours in calves that are about 2 weeks old? I have 2 bull calves that have a paste grey scour that is not very obvious since the cows clean up the calves butts. The calves are obviously weak. Both are now in the corral with their mothers. Ones is to the point of falling down occasionally when trying to escape. Gave both 3 cc's of Spectam. Vet mentioned if virus, the calves must be treated for acidosis (treated with electrolytes). Antibiotics are not much help for viruses. The worst calf is about 75 - 80 lbs and wouldn't take kindly to a ride to the clinic as yet. Calf also feels like running a fever. Will keep an eye on them for now. Any other suggestions/experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.