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Message Title: Elk Scours
Author: Donna  Posted: 06\26\2001 23:41
Location: AB
Hi, Bob,
We have had the same problem this spring,where we haven't had before. We posted my best Acceleration/Canadian Elevation/Gord heifer, and found common old e-coli, even though I had given them all Colimune at birth. The next sample from an untreated calf hasn't come back yet. Apparently the e-coli can cause meningitis, found in one posted calf,which causes the staggers. We electrolyted them every 4 hours with Gastrolyte, a human electrolyte, low sodium, and our vet said he had had some success with 68 mg. Orbax pills twice a day. We gave them 30cc./day of neomycin Scour Treatment in the electrolytes, and one shot of 4cc Predef, or if they were bad, 1cc for 4 days. Also got some Survive paste for baby pigs, and gave them half a tube once a day for energy if they weren't scouring bad. If they hang on and look improved for 3 or 4 days, they make it, the 3 that died were too bright to catch at nite, and next morning they couldn't get up, and just went downhill from there. Hope this helps, email me at if I can answer any questions for you.
P.S. ACOR4H has a nice Maverick heifer this year. Donna