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Message Title: Twin Question
Author: Donna  Posted: 06\27\2001 08:58
Location: AB
Hi, Odessa,
We had the same experience- 2 little crooked calves from a first calf heifer. Were we paranoid! We kept putting them together, and we could see mom liked them both, but next time they would be at opposite ends of the field. We caught them and tubed them with colostrum, then with goats milk a couple of times a day, because we weren't sure they were strong enough and that mom had enough milk. But soon we couldn't catch them anymore, and now both are together all the time and suck together. We thought that in nature, they would keep them apart, so that if a predator got one, the other one would possibly make it.
Just make sure that mom likes them both, and that they are strong enough to suck, and they should be OK. Donna