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Message Title: Heres something different
Author: J.D.  Posted: 06\27\2001 21:18
Location: Ill.
Here's another. I was getting ready to plant corn in late April when I thought I heard a voice across the field. I looked around and saw a woman walking across the field. First thing she said to me was "You're going to have a hard time believing this". She went on to explain that she had apparently had blacked out while driving down the highway, had crossed the ditch and entered one of our no-till fields, went over a quarter mile through the field, making a sweeping arc until hitting the high tensile elk fence where we had 8 spikers in. A couple hedge post were pulled out and 3 steel post were broke in two. The fence caught under her springs and brought her to a nice gentle stop about 10' into pasture. If no fence had been there she would of either crashed into huge hedge trees or the creek bank, out of sight with no witnesses seeing her leave the road even though the high school is on the other side of highway. The cop admitted he hadn't seen one quite like this before. The woman wasn't hurt, after pulling the truck back and lifting up with loader to reduce the over streched fence, I got the fence out with some cutting and drove the pickup out of pasture. The woman was advised to get an appointment with her doctor, I used a 20' panel to temporarily patch fence and corn planting was put on the back burner. The spikers didn't seem to mind the whole ordeal. Anyone else with believe it or not stories.