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Message Title: Elk Scours
Author: Bob A.  Posted: 06\27\2001 21:46
Location: AB
Donna, Thanks for the info. I ended up taking the calf to the vet clinic last night at 12:30. Calf was put on I.V. fluids, gave banamine. Picked up calf today at 3:30. Vet thinks calf may have been kicked on the head and back(skinned mark on side of forhead)which could cause the staggering and mobility problems or may even have a weak heart. Have previously seen yearling heifers stomp at calves when they gete too close. Scours was not diagnosed, thank god. No stomach noise or scouring. Took calf to mother in pasture and laid it down. After struggling a bit to get up, it nursed and later walked off behind the dam. Observation and time will tell the outcome. Calf is from a Kudu daughter and sired by our White Lightning/Korean Gold 3 year old Gold Strike.
Vet reported that there has been quite a bit of scours being seen and reported. Generally the calves are dead when found or arrive at the clinic too late to save.