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Message Title: Heres something different
Author: Bob Ramsay  Posted: 06\28\2001 07:19
Location: Up-State New York
I got one!

About 18 months ago, just a few days before deer season, I was sitting in my bull pasture, in my tractor, just watching and enjoying my animals after feeding them.

I looked at the fence and saw that one of my spikers had gotten out somehow. Then I realized that this spiker had antlers still, and mine had all been removed already. Now, there are no other elk being raised within an hour of my place so I thought this pretty odd.

The spiker was rubbing heads with my animals, through the fence. He came back almost every day.

On the last day I saw him, I tried to hit him with a dart, through the fence. I was only able to get a head-on shot and the dart bounced off. Then, this bull ran off. This was the opening day of deer season in NY, and was very warm.

The next day, a game commission officer (Known as the "D.E.C." here) knocked at my door. They found a dead elk and thought it might be mine. Well, it was the stray that had been visiting me, and it had been shot through the kidneys with a shotgun slug.

My guess is, a hunter shot what he thought was the biggest deer he had ever seen, then saw the ear tags in it, figured he had shot one of my elk and took off running. Too bad. The elk was rotten and waisted and because NY has no resident elk, he could have taken it with no trouble and would not even have had to tag it. Terrible waiste!

Any way, after searching the information from the federal ear tag, we found out that the elk was from an elk ranch 120 miles away, in Pennsylvania and had escaped when a tornado knocked down a fence 6 months earlier.

I thought it odd that the elk would find my place, like a needle in a hay-stack, after coming so far. All that, just to be shot and left to rot.