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Message Title: Elk Scours
Author: antler333  Posted: 06\28\2001 19:16
Location: CO
For the first time I have been hit with what appears to be a rota-corona virus in the last two weeks. Even though cows had been vacinated with scour guard (for rota corona)it was more than 40 days since vaccination. Vaccine seems to wear off, as per bottle lable. All calves were from heifers, grey pasty diarehia (sour milk smell) or very watery yellow squirts in calves one to two weeks old. Fatal to virtually all calves hit. My Blood and stool samples still pending. IV treatments all failures, lost 5 before trying a new prodcedure. Antibiotics have no affect on virus, just keeps away other bugs from weakened animal.

Seemingly have saved two so far and no deaths yet with new treatment.

Tube them every 2 or 3 hrs alternating between low sodium electrolyte and colostrum, First dose of colostrum contains a dose of oral calf-guard RC vaccine. I am keepng my fingers crossed.

Disease is passed between calves or cows to calves via aerosol from lung to lung then moves to intestines. Snotty nose, 103 temp and general listlessness precede death due to dehydration and hypo or hyper thermia, extreme fluid and electrolyte loss.

Remove affected critters from the herd and isolate from other younger non-clinical calves. Generally,Only one to two week olds will get hit.