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Message Title: From one thing to the next
Author: Dave  Posted: 06\28\2001 21:10
Location: MN
I need your help again. Three days ago I had a little bottle baby that wouldn't eat at all. Then the next day after I managed to get him to eat some lamb replacer enough for 70 oz. for the day. I gave him fresh water, fresh black dirt, and picked him some fresh alfalfa, clover, simple grass. Yesterday he drank a total of 88 oz. of a mixture of lamb replace and a goat replacer since thats what is sold in my town. The weather here the past few days has been 90+ and very humid. I encouraged him to drink water so he wouldn't dehydrate. Well today seemed to go good until tonight. So far today he drank a total of 96 oz. of lamb and goat replacer, had fresh grasses alfalfa, clover and dirt. Today I noticed that when I went to help him make a stool, he made three long kind of soft stools. Well, that seemed okay for the noon job but tonight when he went the first one was alot, then he went again, and the third one could fill your hand. The third one was very soft. Then game the diarhea. Very green! Okay, what did I do wrong now! I thought it was good to give him fresh greens to eat. Now what should I do? Do I take away the greens? Take away the water? Give him less replacer? Take away the dirt? Do I now try to give him something to harden the stool? I think when I get through this calf - I'll never ask another question again. Thanks guys and gals for your help.